National Leadership

The National Office is comprised of the National Executive Board the National Committee and Regional Board. General information, requests, etc. can be emailed to the National Office at or submitted through the Contact Us page.

National Executive Board (NEB)

The National Executive Board serves as the main administrative body of Alpha Psi Lambda National, Inc. These officers are responsible for the overall management of the Fraternity and provides services that include: support and expansion of undergraduate Chapters; training and development of membership; building of alumni networks and fostering relationships with the Universities and Fraternity/Sorority community.

Violet Bollar
National President
Lambda Chapter - Fall 2001

Violet Bollar has served as our National President since 2018. She has previously served the National Office as Director of Academics, Chapter Director, Expansion Committee member, Interim Director of Alumni, and Executive Vice President since 2007.

Violet received her Bachelors in Elementary Education from Northeastern Illinois University in 2006 and currently works as a 4th Grade teacher in Chicago, Illinois.

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Alisha Rojas-Harrison. Executive Vice President. Email Alisha at

Alisha Rojas-Harrison
Executive Vice President
Eta Chapter - Spring 2000

Alisha has served as our Executive Vice President since 2021. She has previously served the National Office as Director of Training & Development (2020), Expansion Committee member, Philanthropy Committees, and Regional and Chapter Director positions.

Alisha received her Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences from Ohio University in 2003 and her Masters in Organized Management with specialization in Organizational Leadership from Ashland University in 2011. She currently works as Program Director for the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell in Lowell, Massachusetts.

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Javier Ruiz. Vice President of Finance. Email Javier at

Javier Ruiz
Vice President of Finance

Gamma Chapter - Fall 2006

Javier has served as our Vice President of Finance since 2019. He has previously served the National Office as Philanthropy Chair and Vice President of Finance from 2010-2014.
Javier received his Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from Northern Illinois University and Masters of Accountancy from Arizona State University in 2008 and 2011, respectively. He currently works as a Forensic Accountant in Chicago, Illinois.

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Jessica Garcia. Vice President of Administration. Email Jessica at

Jessica Garcia
Vice President of Administration

Pi Chapter - Spring 2007

Jessica has served as our Vice President of Administration since 2018. She has previously served the National Office as Southern Region Director, Chapter Director, Re-establishment Committee member, and Executive Assistant to the President all since 2012.

Jessica received her Bachelor of Science in Physical Geography with a minor in Photography from Texas State University in 2011 and currently works as a GIS Specialist in the DFW metroplex.

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Andrea Feschenko. Vice President of Standards & Policy. Email Andrea at

Andrea Feschenko
Vice President of Standards & Policy

Alpha Epsilon Chapter Founder - Winter 2015

Andrea has served as our Vice President of Standards and Policy since 2019. She has previously served the National Office as Vice President of Alumni Affairs also in 2019.

Andrea received her Bachelor of Arts in Hispanic Studies with a minor in both Psychology and Linguistics from the University of Michigan-Dearborn in 2017 and currently works in Program Management and on-boarding at Ford Motor Co. in Dearborn, Michigan.

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Michelle Maday. Vice President of Expansion. Email Michelle at

Michelle Maday
Vice President of Expansion

Gamma Chapter - Spring 1995

Michelle has served as our Vice President of Expansion since 2018. She has previously served the National Office as an Expansion Committee Member, Chapter Director, Executive Vice President (formerly Vice President) and National President (2007-2018).

Michelle received her Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language & Literature from Northern Illinois University in 1997. She currently works as a Director of Program Test Management in Des Plaines, Illinois.

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Christina Espino. Vice President of Alumni Affairs. Email Christina at

Christina Espino
Vice President of Alumni Affairs

Iota Chapter - Spring 2006

Christina has served as our Vice President of Alumni Affairs since 2019. She has previously served the National Office as Villanova Chapter Director, Expansion Committee member for Villanova University and Associate Member Educator for Bradley University all since 2015.

Christina received her Bachelor of Science in Digital Cinema with a minor in Anthropology from DePaul University in 2011 and currently works as an Operations Supervisor at Intersection Media in Melrose Park, Illinois.

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Annalisa Torres Aquino
Vice President of Undergraduate Affairs

Eta Chapter Founder - Spring 1996

Annalisa has served as our Vice President of Undergraduate Affairs since 2021. She has previously served the National Office as a Regional Director, Expansion Committee member and Chapter Director roles.

Annalisa received her Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences with an emphasis in Women's and Minority Studies from Ohio University in 2000 and her Master of Science in Physical Therapy from Cleveland State University in 2002. She currently serves as a Director of Clinical Compliance in North Ridgeville, Ohio.

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Ammy Rodriguez. Vice President of Marketing. Email Ammy at

Ammy Rodriguez
Vice President of Marketing

Villanova University Affiliate Chapter - Spring 2018

Ammy has served as our Vice President of Marketing since 2021. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Communication along with a Fluency Information Technology Certificate from Villanova University in 2019 and is currently pursuing her Master of Arts in Communication with a Certificate in Public Relations & Advertising also at Villanova University.

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National Committee

The National Committee is overseen by the Executive Vice President of the National Executive Board. These officers are responsible for specific focus on a variety of areas to support Fraternity Operations.

Avant Griffith
Director of Title IX
Eta Chapter - Spring 2016

Currently pursuing her M.A. in School Counseling with a concentration in urban student populations at Trinity Washington University, Avant is certified in Mental Health First Aid for adults and youth while pursuing certifications to become a diversity, equity, and inclusion specialist, as well as a trauma and crisis specialist.

When She is not working as a child outreach worker providing developmental screenings to toddlers, Avant enjoys spending time with family, playing with her dogs, and coaching high school cheerleading.

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Alisha Rojas-Harrison
Director of Training & Development

Since graduating from Ohio University in 2003, Alisha has remained involved with the Fraternity and has 18+ years of youth development & leadership experience.

Currently, Alisha is the Program Director for the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell in Lowell, MA.

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National Historian

Victor A. Jimenez
National Parliamentarian

Alpha Epsilon Chapter - Winter 2015

From Detroit, MI, Victor studied Communication with a focus on public speaking and public relations at the University of Michigan-Dearborn and currently works in civic engagement.

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Director of Civic Engagement

Val Vera
Director of Inclusion

Epsilon Chapter - 1993

Val's intersectional experience as a Disabled Latinx, his proven leadership as a communicator and his ability to create messages has made him an impactful Disability Rights Educator, Activist, Organizer and Writer.

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Patricia Flores
Director of Health & Wellness

Beta Chapter - Spring 2007

Patricia graduated & earned her Bachelors degree from he University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She also holds a dual Master's Degree in Business Administration and Public Health from Benedictine University.


Currently, Patricia works as an Analyst for Healthcare Financial Resources while also conducting research within the Latinx community in Humboldt Park and Wicker Park neighborhoods of Chicago. This research is helpful for uncovering the bio-psycho-social determinants of health for the Latinx community.

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Regional Board

The National Office has organized our undergraduate chapters into regions, by state, led by a Regional Director who is overseen and reports to the Vice President of Undergraduate Affairs.

For Advisors: Should you wish to contact National leadership regarding your undergraduate chapter, please see the below chart and CC when contacting the appropriate Regional Director.

Region 1

Washington, California, Colorado, and Texas

Region 1 Director

Region 2

Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana

Region 2 Director

Region 3

Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and New York

Region 3 Director

Region 4

Louisiana, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Florida

Region 4 Director


For emergency situations, if any individual is in danger or injured, please call 9-1-1 or your local authorities.

For other emergency situations not involving injuries or a threat to life, please contact Violet Bollar at 847-312-5823.