Alumni Clubs

Alumni Clubs are organized by alumni members for the purpose of promoting life time membership through networking, social events, community service, and professional development. Alumni clubs align to a geographical area or chapter, and are recognized by the Executive Alumni Board of the National Alumni Association. Alumni Clubs may govern themselves by bylaws that are not in conflict with the Constitution and Bylaws of the Fraternity. 

Requirements To Create an Alumni Club
A minimum of five dues paying National Alumni Association members are needed to form an Alumni Club. Only one Alumni Club may be established per chapter or geographical area. In order to be recognized, the group must complete the following before submitting an application: Alumni Club Application

  • Establish a bank account with a tax ID.
  • Meet at least two times.
  • Identify a President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer.


  • The group must complete the Alumni Group application (includes bank statement and meeting minutes) to request Alumni Club recognition from the NAA’s Executive Alumni Board. 
  • The Director of Membership (NAA) will review the application and confirm all members are in good standing.      
  • A 3/4ths majority vote of the Executive Alumni Board is required to recognize an Alumni Club.
  • The group will be notified of the outcome within thirty (30) days of the application being submitted.

For more information about joining the National Alumni Association or establishing an Alumni Club, contact the Director of Alumni Affairs at [email protected]

Current Alumni Clubs

Iota Alumni Club - Contact: [email protected]
Rho Alumni Club - Contact: [email protected]
Alpha Delta Alumni Club - Contact: [email protected]
Alpha Epsilon Alumni Club - Contact: [email protected]