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Information about Alpha Psi Lambda for Parents and Families

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Alpha Psi Lambda provides this page as a resource for parents who have a child that may be considering joining or are currently a member.

Benefits of Alpha Psi Lambda


Participating in a Fraternity or Sorority offers a valuable experience that goes beyond the college classroom. Alpha Psi Lambda offers many benefits to its member including:

    • Cultural pride and connection:  Alpha Psi Lambda provides valuable opportunities to forge connections with individuals who share similar cultural backgrounds. The Fraternity is dedicated to celebrating and preserving Latino culture and heritage, fostering a sense of unity and pride among its members.


  • Support system: Brotherhood/Sisterhood within the fraternity creates a support system that can be crucial during the college years.
  • Personal growth:  Being part of a Fraternity can contribute to personal growth, fostering qualities like responsibility, teamwork, and communication skills.
  • Academic support:  The Fraternity maintains a minimum GPA requirement for participation, placing an emphasis on academic success. Through study hours, incentives for academic achievement, and various initiatives, the organization actively promotes and supports academic excellence.


  • Leadership development: The Fraternity provides leadership development through workshops, conferences and with opportunities to hold officer positions, join committees, and more.


  • Nationwide networking: Connection with collegiate members across the country as well as alumni professionals who are available to provide advice and job opportunities. Service to the community:  The fraternity is committed to service to the community. Participation in community service instills a sense of social responsibility and civic engagement.


  • Lifetime membership:  Membership into Fraternal organizations is considered to be lifelong. Alumni are given the opportunity to volunteer for the organization, participate in clubs that host social events and service projects, and more.

Wellbeing & Safety

Alpha Psi Lambda prioritizes the wellbeing and safety of both associate members and members. Following initiation, all members are required to undergo risk management training, specifically addressing issues such as hazing, sexual assault, and alcohol/drug use. Every term, members revisit current policies and affirm their commitment by signing a Risk Management Agreement.

The Fraternity unequivocally prohibits hazing and treats any accusations with the utmost seriousness. Incidents can be reported to the National Office for thorough review and investigation by a Standards Board.  Incidents can be reported to the National Office through the Incident Report Form.

Click here for additional information on hazing policies.

Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that will help provide additional information about the organization your child has expressed interest in joining. For more information, feel free to contact us or email at



What is a Fraternity or a Sorority?

Fraternities and sororities are associations, whether social or professional, that unite college students based on shared friendships, common goals, and aspirations. Identified by letters from the Greek alphabet, these organizations foster a sense of community. Generally, the term "Sorority" refers to all-female groups, while "Fraternity" is used for all-male organizations or those that are co-educational.


Why does Alpha Psi Lambda include both men and women? 

Alpha Psi Lambda embraces individuals of all genders, regardless of gender identity and expression. The coexistence of both a brotherhood and sisterhood within the organization fosters a familial atmosphere that reflects the cultural importance of "Familia" for Latinos, providing a supportive community away from home.

Why is it a Latino organization?

Alpha Psi Lambda is classified as a culturally based fraternity, specifically catering to Latino interests. While it warmly welcomes students of all backgrounds, the organization inherently centers its focus on Latino culture and related programming. In the diverse landscape of Fraternities and Sororities, Alpha Psi Lambda stands out as a community that embraces and celebrates the richness of Latino heritage.


Why does the Fraternity incorporate colors and symbols, and is it associated with gangs?

Fraternities are known for their private rituals that foster strong connections among members, emphasizing values like brotherhood/sisterhood, academics, service, and culture. These rituals enhance the bonding experience for members. Symbols and colors, with their symbolic significance, are employed to differentiate various Fraternity and Sorority organizations, serving as identifiers rather than having any connection to gangs.


What are the requirements for joining Alpha Psi Lambda?

Any student joining Alpha Psi Lambda must have a 2.6 cumulative grade point average (GPA), and be enrolled at least six credit hours to join Alpha Psi Lambda.


To become a member, students will have a period of orientation to the Fraternity between six to nine weeks called the Membership Intake Process (MIP), during this time they are considered Associate Members (AMs). Associate Members complete the following prior to their initiation into Alpha Psi Lambda:


  • 2 hours of community service
  • 1 Fundraising Event
  • 1 Programming Event (La Fiesta)
  • Weekly 60 minute educational meetings to learn more about the Fraternity
  • Fraternity Rituals and Traditions


Activities are usually held in the evenings or on the weekends, sometimes late at night, due to the busy schedule of college students.


What is my role during my child’s Membership Intake Process?

Your role in your child's Membership Intake Process (MIP) involves being a supportive presence. Ask questions and take the time to understand the fraternity. 


What are the costs associated with joining a Fraternity?

There is a one time fee between $300 and $350 when an individual first joins. These dues are non-refundable and cover the cost of supplies, liability insurance and Fraternity gear.


Thereafter, membership dues are generally $150 to $250 per member each term. These dues fund the Fraternity’s general operating costs, help to provide resources to members, and contribute to liability insurance for the Fraternity.


Payment plans are available to assist students in meeting these financial obligations. 


What is liability insurance?

Alpha Psi Lambda’s insurance program provides Blanket Public General Liability Coverage of $1,000,000 per occurrence for all participating chapters. The coverage is for bodily injury, property damage and personal injury. This protects the local undergraduate chapters and  its officers and members from claims arising out of bodily injury and property damage occurring out of Fraternity operations. It also protects against claims arising out of libel, slander, false arrest, invasion of privacy, eviction from the premises, and consumption of food and beverages and incidental malpractice.


This is NOT accident insurance covering members and associate members for injuries sustained on the chapter premises and/or in Fraternity activities. Liability insurance is not a substitute for medical insurance. 


Will my child's academic performance be affected by joining?

Our aim is not only to enhance your child's leadership skills but also to foster academic achievement and successful completion of their collegiate education. The transition from the structured high school environment to the more independent college setting can be challenging for students in managing their time effectively. Fraternal organizations play a supportive role in this transition, offering academic programs that may include study partners, mandatory study hours, and time management workshops. Your student will benefit from access to members experienced in utilizing campus resources such as the library, tutors, computer labs, study lounges, and academic advisors. Research indicates that students affiliated with Fraternal organizations tend to have higher grade point averages (GPAs) and increased graduation rates.


How will my child manage other commitments alongside Alpha Psi Lambda?

Engaging in meaningful activities always demands time and effort. Studies suggest that actively involved college students are more likely to graduate and express higher satisfaction with their college experience. By participating in our fraternity, your child will develop essential skills in balancing academics, work, campus engagement, and social responsibilities. This experience not only helps them navigate lifestyle challenges but also enhances their abilities in time management, prioritization, and building valuable networking connections.


Greek: A member of a Fraternity or Sorority.


Fraternity/Sorority: The name for Greek-letter brotherhoods/sisterhoods that have the same basic ideals, hopes and goals. Fraternities are generally for men and sororities for women.


National Office: The overall administrative body of the Fraternity made up of alumni member volunteers.


Chapter: The campus group of a Fraternity/Sorority organization. Chapters are usually referenced by Greek letters.


Affiliate Chapter: A new chapter that is working towards becoming an official active chapter of the organization. 


Membership Intake Process: The process individuals go through in order to become a member that includes learning Fraternity information  and participating in Fraternity rituals.


Associate Member (AM): A person who has accepted the invitation of a Fraternity organization but has not yet been initiated into full membership


Associate Member Educator: Member that oversees the Membership Intake Process.


Associate Member Parent (Big at The Ohio State University: Member serving as a guide/mentor throughout the Membership Intake Process.


Crossover:  Initiation ceremony when individuals become official members of the Fraternity.

Dues: Membership fees paid by individuals to the Fraternity in order to be in good standing