The Noble Order serves to honor members of Alpha Psi Lambda who have shown exemplary service to the Fraternity and/or made significant contributions to the betterment or advancement of the organization. No more than 5 recipients will be inducted every five years. The first induction took place at the Fraternity’s 30 year celebration at Alpha Chapter (The Ohio State University) in June 2015. At that time, all 13 original Fraternity Founders were inducted as honorary members. In addition, up to 30 additional members were allowed for induction. This represented the limit of inducting no more than five individuals every five years of Alpha Psi Lambda's existence.

The Noble Order designation is the highest award a member can receive.

Founder Diana Acevedo, June 2015
Founder Juan Casimiro, June 2015
Founder Carolyn Christian, June 2015
Founder James Cordero, June 2015
Founder Tammy Harris, June 2015
Founder Clara Isern, June 2015
Founder Marisol Lugo, June 2015
Founder Yolanda Natal, June 2015
Founder Saddy Rivera, June 2015
Founder Nancy Romo, June 2015
Founder Annette Saldivar, June 2015
Founder Annette Seda, June 2015
Founder Juan Vera, June 2015
Carol "Suerte" Braz (Zeta), June 2015
Derrick "D'Admiral" Cabrera (Zeta), June 2015
Melissa "Chiquita" Cardenas (Eta), June 2015
Adriana "Estrella" De Los Santos (Alpha), June 2015
Joscelyn "LaffBoxx" Johnson (Epsilon), June 2015
Michelle "Minnie" Maday (Gamma), June 2015
Jose Martinez (Beta), June 2015
Osvaldo Morera (Alpha), June 2015
Tracy Najera (Alpha), June 2015
Ramona Reyes (Alpha), June 2015
Johnny "Cool J" Reyna (Beta), June 2015

Violet "Muñeca" Torres Bollar (Lambda), June 2015
Priscilla "Tahur" Bautista (Iota), June 2020
Carlos "Tyson" A. Bernal (Beta), June 2020
Jackie "Yaitana" Ceron (Gamma), June 2020
Jessica "Guerrillera" Garcia (Pi), June 2020
Veronica "Aura" Villalpando (Iota), June 2020