Alpha Psi Lambda National, Inc. Retires the Term Colony

For Immediate Release:
July 27, 2018
Contact: Manuel Colón, Vice President of Marketing
Email: [email protected]

Alpha Psi Lambda National, Inc. Retires the Term “Colony”

Chicago, IL - On Friday, June 23rd during our National House of Delegates, hosted at Upsilon Chapter (Florida Atlantic University), Alpha Psi Lambda National, Inc. formally voted and approved to retire the term “Colony” and adopt “Affiliate Chapter”, in its place.

In Alpha Psi Lambda’s thirty-three year history, the term colony is relatively new. It was introduced in 2013 in reference to newly established undergraduate entities who have yet to receive full, active chapter status (designated with Greek letters). While this term is very common in the arena of Fraternity and Sorority affairs, the organization felt compelled to reexamine the term’s use in relation to our core values and mission.

As a Latino-interest fraternity, we are rooted in diversity, cultural awareness, and advocacy for Latino students, cultures, and communities. It is from this lens that we recognized the incongruence of the word colony - with its dark and violent history in Latin America, its peoples, and cultures - and our organization. As such, we are empowered and affirmed in our decision to move away from a word with such negative connotations and its connection with historical oppression of communities we identify with and advocate for.

Adoption of the term Affiliate Chapter not only allows for continued identifiers in the naming of our undergraduate entities, but it also embraces a more inclusive language that better aligns with our values and mission. Effective immediately, all undergraduate entities formerly known as Colonies as well as any future established entities will be known as Affiliate Chapters prior to receipt of full, active chapter status.

Alpha Psi Lambda looks forward to communicating and implementing this progressive step forward with our membership and University/College partners. We also encourage other fraternities and sororities, particularly those founded with Latino-interests, to reexamine their use of the word colony and find a more harmonious alternative.

Together We Shall Seek the Noblest!

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Alpha Psi Lambda National, Inc. was founded in 1985 at the Ohio State University as a Latino-interest fraternity by 13 Noble men and women. The mission of Alpha Psi Lambda is to promote continued personal and collective growth of our membership, success and unity through education, leadership, cultural awareness and community service. The Fraternity has expanded to include 33 collegiate Chapters and 6 Affiliate Chapters in California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Washington.
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