Greek Life Terminology

: A member of a Fraternity or Sorority.

FRATERNITY/SORORITY: The name for a Greek-letter brotherhood/sisterhood that have the same basic ideals, hopes and goals. Fraternities are generally for men and sororities for women.

NATIONAL OFFICE or HEADQUARTERS: The overall administrative body of the Fraternity made up of alumni member volunteers.

CHAPTER: The campus group of a Fraternity/Sorority organization. Within each organization, chapters are usually referenced by state and/or Greek letters.

AFFILIATE CHAPTER: A probationary body of our Fraternity. Some organizations may use terms such as "Associate Chapter" which can be considered a new Greek organization that is awaiting official recognition from their National Office to become an active chapter on their college’s campus.

MEMBERSHIP INTAKE PROCESS (MIP): The process individuals go through in order to become a member that includes learning Fraternity education and participating in Fraternity rituals.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER (AM): A person who has accepted the invitation of our organization but has not yet been initiated into full membership.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER EDUCATOR (AME): Chapter member that oversees the Membership Intake Process.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER PARENT: Member serving as guide/mentor throughout the Membership Intake Process.

CROSSOVER: An initiation ceremony through which Associate Members become full members of the Fraternity.

LETTERS: Reference to having been initiated and obtaining the Greek letters of the Fraternity.

DUES: Ongoing membership fees paid by individuals and the chapter to the Fraternity in order to be in good standing.